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My birthday!

My birthday is Tuesday, April 12th. Each year people write in asking if they can send me a gift. I am very grateful that people feel this way! I am glad that I can bring some happiness to your lives! However, this year is different.

Last year, I put my money where my mouth is – I funded and implemented my own Indie Creator convention. Intervention. Internet Convention. This is the place for all types of art, fandom, and gaming as defined by the internet – our future. On the internet all of our voices can be heard.

Please don’t send me gifts. If you feel so inclined, please contribute to Intervention’s funding. Here is how you can do it:


Register to attend or donate to Intervention. For example:


Purchase some Intervention merchandise. We have T Shirts, but also some PLUSH OWLS and posters. :D For example:

Purchase some Onezumi Studios merchandise. Everything from my store also will be funding Intervention. For example:


No money? No problem. Spread the word. Post links. Submit us for press coverage or ask a friend with a high-traffic blog to talk about us. Here are some graphics , flyers, and a press kit to help you.

Events like Intervention NEED YOUR SUPPORT or they cannot exist.

The greatest gift you can give to me is your support.

In return I give you all of me – making an event that can truly change lives, motivate people, and THE BEST DARN LARPING, GAMING, DANCING, ROTFLING NERD PARTY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!