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NJ local convention; drawing comics; super busy!

I have been so busy lately! I’ll be at WildPig Comic Convention on April 3rd in Somerset, NJ. If any of you locals haven’t been able to make it out to the other events I’ve done, now you have no excuse not to show up. :D I’ll be drawing comics, selling stuff, and generally making with the lulz. Note that this con is a Sunday only event.

I also got accepted by Dragon*Con in Atlanta.


Yes, that’s right – If I end up doing this it will be the farthest away from my home state of New Jersey that I have ever displayed my comics and art. This con is just 2 weeks before my convention – Intervention – so I predict that I will be needing a vacation after mid September in a powerful way!

Dragon*con isn’t confirmed, so don’t buy tickets based on me yet. I have to make sure I can get the time off from my day job and get there. It is looking likely, though.

What you should do is CLICK HERE to register for Intervention or CLICK HERE to purchase cute Owl plushies, posters, and shirts – all proceeds from this store and my Onezumi Studios store go toward funding my event. We’ll be again putting many of the panels up online so they can be a resource for all!

There will be a lot more tour dates announced. If you want me to appear at a convention near you, let the staff know in a polite way that I can make any event more awesome.

5 Comments on “NJ local convention; drawing comics; super busy!

  1. Congratulations! :)
    Let me know if – as I imagine – they have coke taps in every house in Atlanta! :))

    1. There is a giant Coke tasting station with Coke products from around the world. I am going to try it. They have a little one in Epcot at Disney World but this one is 20 times the size! :D My friend went and told me about it!

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