I am annoyed with cardio because the cold is hurting my previously injured feet. This week I have decided that I am taking up the kettlebell! You can get them at Target, so I ran out and snatched them all up. No pun intended.

In other related news, THIS GUY IS AWESOME. He pretty much started kettlebell, and his videos are informative and intentionally REALLY FUNNY. For example:

So far I am getting used to the form. Form is really important or you could seriously injure yourself with this. I may need to get a lighter weight just until I get used to it because of how exact it needs to be. The recommend most women start with an 18lb or a 25lb. I did 25, which is perfect, but when I falter on technique because I am a n00b it is not.

This is fun, you should try it. Except for Harknell. He has a bad back and can’t.

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2 Responses to “Kettlebells!”

  1. Nami says:

    :D please do updates with how this goes for you!

    • onezumi says:

      I shall! I just added a kettlebell video my friend made!

      I am taking a break for a few days. It hurt my joints a bit- I shoudl have started on a lower weight till I got the technique down. Form is really important with this it seems – its not like regular lifting.

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