Happy Birthday to me!

Today iz my birthday! Here is a crazy pineapple drink that was tasty:


Yes, it is INSIDE an entire pineapple. It was at a Chinese/Polynesian place in Staten Island called Jade Island. I’ll post a full review with picture soon. It’s probably my new favorite place right up with Joe’s Crab Shack. What can I say? I like casual AWESOME. It was pretty cheap as far as drinks go in the northeast. That whole thing was only like 8 or 9 dollars. I can’t even find a normal drink for less than 10 in most places here! :D

If you want to get me something for my birthday, donate to Intervention or pre register so you can come out to Intervention and say hello this September! :)


I got this in my inbox just now. BEST EVAR. I’m so there.


Those people at Busch Gardens really know how to amuse me.

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