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I have some news on the upcoming Harry Potter Island that will be opening at Florida’s Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in 2010.

This seems to be EPIC.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have 2 sections: Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade. It’s being built by the guy who made the one in the movie. Inside Hogwarts there will be a dark ride called “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” where you get to fly through 10 scenes from the films…including the Forbidden Forest. No doubt there will be a lot of pyro and other crazy effects.

They are converting a kid coaster called “The Flying Unicorn” into “Flight of the Hippogriff”. Dueling Dragons coaster will become “Dragon Challenge”.

The restaurants are Magic Neep, Three Broomsticks, and Butterbeer. Stores will be Owl Post, Zonko’s, Ollivanders, Dervish and Banges, as well as Honeydukes.

Yes, most of the food and drink from the books will be faithfully recreated and ready for purchase. Rowling has been very involved, so I am sure you can expect a great eye to authenticity on this one.

For more information, you can check out The Disney Blog or Theme Park Insider.


Darren Bousman (of SAW fame) has a few new horror films coming out…and it looks like a Repo! The Genetic Opera prequel and sequel are in the works.

Hehehe. I love how he says he wants to direct a Leprechaun film. That would be BEST EVAR. I’ve posted about them before holy crap.

The Collector comes out this weekend. It was pitched originally as a prequel to SAW, but eventually became a separate film. The story is that a man tries to break into someone’s house, but finds that someone worse is already inside…I really have to see this. I tend to like films that deal with the fact that things aren’t always black and white…and there is always someone better and worse than the hero/villain.

If you have a Wii, you really should have already picked up Ghostbusters. It’s really good.

They just announced a Metalocalypse comic at comicon.

William Shatner reads Sarah Palin’s farewell speech over at Mr. Nihil’s LJ.

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