Queen is the Best Band EVAR

You all know that I like metal by now. However, you might not know that I actually think that Queen is the best band ever to live. I am a huge Queen fan. I only recently discovered them because you always hear the 2 or 4 hits that charted in the USA, but you never hear anything else. I like those songs OK, but the FREAKING DEPTH AND AWESOMENESS of all of their other songs blew me away.

For example, Freddy Mercury is the best singer and performer ever to live. Anyone wanting to study performance had best watch every video with Freddy Mercury at least 7 times.

Here is a less known Queen song – Don’t Stop Me Now:

I am not much for live shows, but if there is one band I could see live, it would be Queen. I’d probably be like one of those idiots at sports games painting myself up and cheering through the whole thing. Sadly, it is not possible because Freddy Mercury died of AIDS in 1991. I was 11 then and far too young to have attended any of their concerts. I never met him, but honestly I could just cry when thinking about that. I really do get choked up. It is a terrible disease and it should not exist.

I was very happy to find that Freddy Mercury was actually Indian. From India. Since I am half Indian it fills me with pride.


Here have some EPIC Highlander music:

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  1. They also did the soundtrack for the “Flash Gordon” movie form the 80’s.. Great band!

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