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Real World Twitter Usage: Holiday Car Accident

This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA. It is supposed to be when we remember the fallen US troops who have fought for our country. Most people instead use it to mark the first day of Summer. It is the day when everyone shops, has a BBQ, visits family, or goes to the beach. Everything is closed except for retail stores. It’s kind of like the Black Friday of Summer. Everyone is on the road or in the malls.

I was down at my speaking engagement in Baltimore at the Balticon Sci Fi Convention. On the way back, a guy stopped short in Rte. 18 in East Brunswick to make the slowest right turn you have ever seen. We stopped to avoid hitting the guy. The person behind us was not able to stop in time and crashed into us. The idiot who stopped short and caused this just gleefully drove off, oblivious to the situation.

Here is my poor car:


Harknell hit his head, but luckily was alright. We both have powerful headaches. We are just thankful that no one was hurt badly enough to go to the hospital.

The trunk was damaged shut. It could not open. As I said, we were returning from a convention. Guess what? Our laptops, clothes, soap, shampoo, medication, expensive makeup, glasses, and everything was stuck in my car on a hot day. I was wearing my contact lenses. However, since I am legally blind without eye correction being parted from my glasses is something that I absolutely could not have.

I called AAA. AAA would not help me because they do not touch damaged cars. I called every car dealer and service center in NJ. Everyone was out on holiday. I called every person I knew who knew anything about cars. No one knew how to get into the trunk.

I posted a distress call on my Twitter. This IMO is what Twitter is best used for. In seconds I had many helpful tweets from people around the world.

I have to post a shout out especially to InsaneXade who stayed with me the whole time trying to help me get into my trunk to rescue my stuff. Read insaneXade’s webcomic here:

Insanity of Xade, a webcomic about an anthro rabbit cop who discovers his destiny lies beyond law enforcement.

Most cars allow you to put the seat down to enter the trunk. However, GM cars are absolute shit. You can do this on a GM car, but on my Chevy Cobalt the latch to allow the back seat to come down is inside the trunk. If you get rear-ended, you are toast. I swear, GM sells the worst-designed cars evar.

I tried to pry it open. That didn’t work. I tried InsaneXade’s suggestion of removing the back seat. That didn’t work. I searched everywhere for a way to get the seat down without using the latch. No dice.

What I finally did was looked inside a hole in the center breaklight. I noticed that the lock was broken and no longer attached. I jiggled this and gave up. One last time I tried to pop the trunk from the driver’s side controls. IT WORKED.

OMG I screamed in happiness. I quickly got my stuff out of the trunk and we took our meds happily.

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  1. not a problem, I was bored and you really needed some help. So glad that you got everything out and all that good stuff. Feel free to email me or whatever onezumi. I love meeting new friends, even if it is on twitter.

  2. Having been rear-ended myself a while ago – did you get insurance info. from the person who rear-ended you? Insurance companies generally assume that the person who did the rear-ending was at fault and therefore their insurance should pay for repairs.

  3. Oh GODS i kind of hate all things carz.

    Glad you guys are OK. Our aging Dodge 3500 Ram Van needs the whole exhaust line replaced, manifold to tailpipe, and of course that would only delay the next costly repair as the beast ages out. So we’re shopping again… but I am determined to not buy an american label again… the only minivans CR likes are Honda and Toyota.

    Message to BIG THREE USA Automakers… Make cars that people actually want to buy and keep!


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