Disney’s American Idol Experience Attraction is Full of Fail



After I flipped out in the post about The Adventurer’s Club, I really have more to say about the magnitude of heinousness that comes with the American Idol Experience Attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

At first, I really thought having an American Idol attraction would be kind of cool because I love to sing, then I learned more about it and changed my mind.

Truthfully, I have no problem with it being there. The reason I take issue is because things like this are being funded at the same time that things like The Adventurer’s Club are being closed down. If Pleasure Island was still intact, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

The American Idol Attraction is in my opinion a pile of lame. I see it as being really cool for a select few park guests who meet certain requirements and don’t mind losing an entire day of their vacation to participate in it. If you fall in that category, you will love this attraction.

It’s not cool for most of us.

You get put through a lot of crap in front of lookalike AI judges. If you win, you get a “Dream Ticket” to jump to the front of the line when auditioning for AI.

Sounds cool for that small group of people, until you read the fine print.

- You must be between the ages of 14-28.

- SURPRISE! The Dream Ticket doesn’t really get you in front of the judges that you see on TV. It gets you in front of the regional pre-screener that auditions 12 AI contestants at once.

- Basically you win nothing. It doesn’t get you past anything other than a line. The day you waste on this attraction is a day you could have wasted in the REAL AI line AND you wouldn’t have lost a day on your vacation.

So, if you meet the age requirements and if you are willing to sacrifice one day of your vacation to this – you don’t even get to meet the real AI judges. It’s just a fastpass for the pre-screener. This ride is a time bank that works only for one person each day. You waste some time today and you MIGHT not have to waste that time on your real AI audition day.

It’s better than nothing for the small percentage of people who meet all of the requirements. That is all this attraction is.

Sorry, I don’t see this as being very fun for more than a select group. It’s just a promotional vehicle for American Idol, and not even a fun one. I will watch and wait for this one to fail. Can you imagine how bored the audience must be unless they are related to the contestant?

American FAIL Experience is more like it.

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2 Responses to “Disney’s American Idol Experience Attraction is Full of Fail”

  1. crocto says:

    no offense but american idol is really just a marketing gimmick. i mean kelly clarkson is hot but she’s 99% marketing. do people really consider her and the other american idols to be legit musical acts?

    also any winner of american idol isn’t really my idol.

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