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Vintage Rides at Keansburg Amusement Park: New Jersey’s Hidden Treasure

New Jersey’s Keansburg Amusement Park is home to many vintage games and rides. I was lucky enough to go to Keansburg Amusement Park and explore the park. Click photos for larger.

Spook House

Amusement Park nerds like myself know that Pretzel built the best old-fashioned dark rides. Spook House is the oldest operating Pretzel dark ride. It still has it’s original cars from 1928!

The car enters immediate darkness where you twist and turn past monsters and alligators and other such fun things. The sound effects are all done in the floor with a cymbal and a wooden box. At one point, it appears that you are about to crash into another car, but it is just an optical illusion.

Here is the front of the Spook House:

Here is a close up of the monster that guards the front of the ride:

Punch Belly

This game seems pretty straightforward.

Vintage Video Games

I spoke to the gentleman who was fixing the games and he proudly told me that these are from the 1940s!

Safari Ride

Note the animal head in the center – safari.

Pharaoh’s Fury

This one is obviously a newer ride, but I thought it was amusing. :D

Finally, for those of you not from Jersey, here is what real New Jersey pizza looks like. the food at Keansburg looked really great!