J.J. Abrams + Star Trek = Felicity Trek?

Watch this hilarious Starfleet Academy J.J. Abrams parody video.

I think J.J. Abrams will do a good job on the new Trek movie, but I also found this hilarious. Our culture is so myopic with their focus on making movies and shows about only young assholes with hair that doesn’t move. As if humans are the most interesting they are going to get when they are 14! There are a lot of brilliant 14 year old people in real life, but you have better years to come. How about some shows on prime time about people from different age groups? What’s next? Einstein the Sexy Fetus Head Man TV Show?



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One Response to “J.J. Abrams + Star Trek = Felicity Trek?”

  1. Xyloart says:

    Ahahaha that video was great. And yeah I’m really sick of shows all about 16 year olds falling in love and have tough decisions and blah blah blah. I mean it’s not like there shouldn’t be any shows centered around young people, but really…adults would be nice too. Or a mix in the cast? I think it’s just a lot easier for writers to use the premade setting of school and center everything around that. The characters are all guaranteed to meet and interact.

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