Williamsburg, Virginia: Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2014 Review

Apologies that this took so long – I got blindsided some very sad things – but I am back now!

I had the opportunity to attend Busch Gardens Christmas Town on November 21st, 2014 in Williamsburg, Virginia. As always, this is one of the best Christmas events in the country. It was just the thing to cheer us up after all of what we had just been through. We were guests of the park through the Ambassador Blogger Program. They left us this up front:





The first thing we did was buy some of the Guinness Chili in Ireland. I think this is a Christmas Town exclusive item but I am not sure. It was DELICIOUS:


We also got one of these. Harknell’s favorite is anything with bacon and pretzels. These were also excellent:


Here is Harknell enjoying the Cocoa Cafe in Italy. They served many types of Hot Cocoa here. We tried Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, and regular. They were all very good. They were not too sweet or overpowering. Pumpkin Spice can be especially overpowering if done wrong. They did it right:



Yes, the Instagram effect is hiding (poorly) that I am absolutely exhausted and distraught after the past few weeks. The Hot Cocoa helped a lot:


The park is lit up all over with twinkling lights. It’s gorgeous:




We had the Christmas Dinner at Trapper’s Smokehouse in New France – complete with gingerbread and pumpkin cheesecakes. Also superb:


We have been attending Busch Gardens Williamburg’s Christmas Town for 2 years now and have enjoyed it every year. The focus of this event is not on the rides – it is on a festival for the whole family. Some rides are not running and others are re-themed for Christmas during this time so that they can make room for shopping. You can see a complete list of rides here. For example, Mach Tower is in Observation Mode (no fast drop) so that the entire family can ride up high and see the park all lit up for the holidays.

Christmas Town is all about seeing the lights, shopping in special Christmas shops, watching the 5 shows that are just for Christmas Town, meeting Santa, and partaking in the holiday food and drink that they offer. They also have live penguins here during this time – and they are super cute!

©2011 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We didn’t get to do this one but they have a dining experience called Santa’s Fireside Feast where you get to have a meal while Santa tells Christmas stories:


They also just debuted PhotoKey, which is a service where you can have the park photographers take your photo. Later in the day or after you get home you can purchase the best ones.


We thought that Christmas Town was (as always) a high-quality event. The day we went the crowds were a little too thick for our liking so maybe everyone else is figuring out how cool this is. We had some trouble getting to a heated tent to eat due to the crowds. I hear that this has been fixed since we had attended on a discount day which attracted higher than usual crowds. It is a challenge to do an event like this outside of Florida due to the weather so I like that they have heated areas. They needed a few more on the day that we went – and since then have added them. BGW is always listening to park guests. This is why I like their park so much. To be on the safe side you will want to come as early as you can to make sure that you have an opportunity to see as much as possible.

Even if you do come early they have so much at this event that I don’t think it is actually possible to see everything in one night. I mean – they have 5 shows just for this event. 5! It’s not even advertised but in their iPhone app there is a scavenger hunt with which you can win Christmas ornaments for free! There’s stuff to be done all over. It’s like, the clown car of Christmas festivals.

They sure don’t mess around when it comes to producing stuff for each event.

Plan to spend 2 days or choose the things that you absolutely must see in advance. If you have an epileptic in your party please note that there were some flashing lights in the France area.

I think that Busch Gardens Christmas Town can’t be beat for food quality and holiday shopping opportunities. I love that theme parks up north are branching out into “off season” events. We certainly need some cheer after the Summer is over and Busch Gardens Williamsburg always delivers.

Tickets to Busch Gardens Christmas Town is $27.00 for one day or $32.00 for unlimited visits. The event runs select nights until December 31st.


 It could be worse

After 2 friends of mine passing away in the same weekend, my mother in law passing away the following weekend and then my friend’s Dad the week after that, I came back to work and was told that I no longer have a job.

If anyone is hiring a senior level Multichannel Marketing Manager with a high level of skill in Software Development (websites, iPad, iPhone) please let me know. You can see my full resume on my LinkedIn here.

In the meantime, I will be working full time on (Re)Generation Who and you’ll see more art from me. Opportunities! :)


 MSNBC’s Morning Joe – Mika Brzezinski: It’s OK to commit terrorism toward children as long as you don’t like them?


I am a New York-based fan convention chair who runs 2 conventions. I have been active in fan subcultures since 1988 when my older brother took me to my first Sci-Fi con and encouraged me to pursue Math and Science.

Our goal with our fan events is to empower the community with low cost educational opportunities underneath the guise of family fun. I’ve been featured on CNN, Wired, New York’s FIOS1 News, The Washington Post, Talk 910 San Francisco and many other places for my work in the community. It’s been well-documented that we’ve raised large sums of money for charity, inspired people to go to college, and had an impact on the community that truly makes a difference.

I am very passionate about families and giving back to the community. I believe that positive events like these can truly save lives. I know it does, because I hear the stories directly from my attendees. And honestly – when I was a little girl conventions saved my life, too.

On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” you had some coverage of the chlorine gas attack at a Chicago hotel where children and others were taking part at a Furry fan convention. I was APPALLED at how you handled it.

Chlorine gas can be fatal. 19 people were sent to the hospital. They weren’t sent to the Starbucks. They weren’t sent to the local supermarket – they were HOSPITALIZED and could have died. This was a terrorist attack on American soil aimed at young people, children, and their families. Any other interpretation of this incident is irresponsible and sociopathic.

How do you reconcile that Mika Brzezinski appeared to almost endorse the use of terrorism toward children and others by her unprofessional, dismissive, and shameful actions on this news segment? I actually felt sick watching her conduct.

Would Ms. Brzezinski still feel this way if her child were at a football game and this happened?

I don’t care if you think that their art or their costumes were funny. I can think that your pants are ugly and still respect you as a human being and not want you to be assaulted or killed. These people are human beings with families, hopes, dreams, and frankly they are a hell of a lot more positive and inspiring than the content that I saw on your channel this past Monday.

I am willing to bet that Ms. Brzezinski is capable of talking about the KKK in a more professional manner than she exhibited last Monday toward good people who had only come together to have a good time for the right reasons.

Furry Conventions have helped countless people through their charity and humanitarian work. And as a reward for that – MSNBC seems to think that it’s OK to terrorize and attempt to kill American children and families just as long as you don’t like or don’t understand them. Am I correct?

If that’s not the message you intended to send, if for some reason Ms. Brzezinski is not a bigoted, hypocritical, and unprofessional individual, I welcome a positive and polite conversation with MSNBC on this topic. I am a mere 45 minute commute from your studio and would welcome the chance for a cordial conversation.

I can guarantee you that in the process you’ll learn something wonderful and understand a perspective that you may not have considered – but really should.


 DAILY REAL TALK: Here is what I think of you

Here is what I think of you. Yes – even you shy people who never comment or email me:

I am grateful that you are following me. I think of every single one of you as a friend or a friend whom I should get to know more ASAP. It’s because of your support that I am here and not dead. Seriously. I’ve seen some pretty dark times. Through all of the bad times you cheer me up.

The only reason I ever did any of this was to find more people like myself who like weird and cool geeky stuff.

If I didn’t know that through my work I am able to help people I’d have stepped down a long time ago. I am not particularly comfortable with being a front woman. Some of you guys seem to think that I am cool or something. I really don’t feel cool. I’m a huge dork who introspects too much, over thinks everything, and can’t stop being enraged at anything in life that is unfair or hurtful to others.

I could have walked away and devoted myself to a career as a C-level executive at a large corporation. I have that option open to me.

But frankly – you guys and shit like this is the center of WHY ALL of my events happen. And that is more important to me than anything else that I could possibly do with my life.

I’ll take the hard road if it gets me this result.

Here’s to (Re)Generation Who and then Intervention 6 in August. It’s going to be a hell of a year.

Because of you.


 New Guest Announcement: Sophie (Aldred) Henderson, Seventh Doctor Companion Ace

GUYS. That whole Doctor Who Convention I’m running. GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSOMGGUYS:

I am thrilled to be able to work with Sophie Aldred this year.


(Re)Generation Who is very happy to add Sophie (Aldred) Henderson to our already extensive guest list for this year. Sophie played Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. Sophie will be at (Re)Generation Who for all three days of the event, and will be available for Signings, Photo ops, and panel/event appearances.

With the addition of Sophie we will be scheduling some special event signings and photo ops, namely cast signings/photos for the episode “Dragonfire” (Sophie’s first appearance as Ace) with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie, and Patricia Quinn–and “Remembrance of The Daleks”, with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie, and Terry Molloy. An additional special event cast signing/photo op will be for the episode “Revelation of The Daleks” with Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Terry Molloy.

(Re)Generation Who is going to be filled with these events and more, so you might want to register for the event and grab one of the last rooms available in the hotel now before they are all gone.

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