Early look: Disney Dooney and Bourke Star Wars RunDisney purses

Disney is doing a limited release of Star Wars Dooney and Bourke purses that you can only get if you are participating in a RunDisney event. It looks like they are all in Disneyland in California.

You can also score one through a personal shopper on Disney purse communities such as this. Let’s just hope that they’ve fixed the recent quality issues that have plagued these purses. I’ve contacted Disney and Dooney about this and they’ve not been helpful.

Dooney & Burke Shopper:
$321.84** per purse

star wars shopper

Dooney & Bourke Satchel:
$289.44** per purse

star wars satchel

Dooney & Bourke Crossbody:
$203.04** per purse

star wars purse


 Wappingers Falls , NY: Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival 2014 review

You might recall my review of Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion this past year. Located a mere 30 minutes away from Headless Horseman Hayrides / A Frosty Fest, these guys also flip their attractions into a holiday festival.

Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival is also a Can’t Miss show.

They have a Christmas Village and Train Display, a Winter Wonderland walkthrough of decorations, and of course a meet and greet with Santa himself.

The Haunted Mansion itself is totally redone into Santa’s Week Before Christmas and London After Midnight is redone into A Dickens Tale.

The entire event was amazing. They totally exceeded my expectations in the typical way that one of Kevin McCurdy’s projects accomplishes this. One big thing with these guys is that their sense of humor and attention to detail with regarding to the execution of their work is what sets them apart.

Santa’s Week Before Christmas was interactive, funny, and it hit the right notes to entertain both kids and adults over 30 like ourselves. If that was all they had offered I would have been happy, but they actually outdid themselves with A Dickens Tale. You get to enter London at Christmas and take part in the Christmas Carol story in a way that was so funny that I was actually laughing out loud. The actors in here are absolutely phenomenal and clearly love their jobs.

The walkthroughs were very cute and well done. The stage show was also amusing. They have refreshments such as Hot Chocolate available and costumed characters walking around. I didn’t take any photos inside the closed attractions, but I do have some of the outside decor so you can get an idea of the general atmosphere, but I’m afraid these photos do not do this wonderful event justice:





DO THIS ONE. Seriously. Bring the entire family and take in the art and humor. Because everything here is built by hand the props and gags inside the attractions are unique. I have nothing negative to say about this. Thy are just 30 minutes away from A Frosty Fest (Headless Horseman) so the NY Ulster Park/ Wappingers Falls area is suitable for a weekend destination of fun.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8.00 for children ages 2-11. The event runs on December 19 (today),20,21,23 26,27

Hours are:
Friday 6:00-9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 4:30 – 9:00 pm
December 23rd 6-8:30pm
Tickets are sold until a half hour before closing.

Click here for more information.


 Ulster Park, New York: A Frosty Fest (Headless Horseman Hayrides Christmas Festival) Review

Some haunted attractions do a Christmas overlay to their haunt. Headless Horseman doesn’t do that. They create an entirely new event for Christmas that is markedly different and definitely worth your time. It’s called A Frosty Fest.



A Frosty Fest features:

- Candy Cane Lane
- Frosty’s Enchanted Forest (Drive thru or Hayride)
- Glistening Gardens: Celebrating the dancing trees of Nature
- Magical Mansion
- Frosty’s Magical Adventure, a 3D walk-through
- Santa’s North Pole: Visits with Santa
- Two Stage Shows: Twinkle’s Toy Trouble and Jingle & Jangle Magic and Comedy
- Gift Shops, Tasty Treats and more!
- Where’s Rudolph? Count how many times you see Rudolph in Frosty’s Enchanted Forest

We found A Frosty Fest to be WAY above what we expected in terms of quality and execution. The decor is phenomenal. The shops are all themed toward the holidays and the best place for you to get your Christmas ornaments and gifts.

Stage show:





There is a guy inside this tree costume:


High 5:


The food is VERY high quality. They had the best gingerbread cookies I have ever had IN MY LIFE. The hot chocolate was darn good too! Everything tasted homemade and not mass produced.


The Magical Mansion is one of the haunted houses from Halloween that had been walled off and the scenes replaces with family-friendly Christmas scenes. Kids would love this but us adults HAD A BLAST.

Frosty’s Magical Adventure was another walkthrough that featured the best art and the best usage of 3D I have ever seen. I have never liked 3D for Haunted Houses because between the actors jumping out and the visual it is tough to figure out where to walk. It’s like being blinded. It always detracts from my enjoyment.

I told the owners that I finally found where 3D was additive – it was right here in this attraction. The focus was on looking at the art and snowflakes and lights – the 3D worked perfectly because no one was scaring anyone. You didn’t feel blinded. You could easily take in the splendor of the holidays with the 3D glasses.

The stage shows were also very funny even for adults. We enjoyed everything here. I have nothing negative to say. I had no idea Christmas events were such a thing until recently and now I am here to pass this knowledge on to you. When the Halloween season is done there is still a lot to do. Even though this is kid-friendly it’s also adult friendly. They got it right. “For the whole family” should not mean that it’s just for kids and the adults have to suffer. Here is means literally “for the whole family”. Us over 30 loved it!

Of course, we got our picture with Santa:


The queue was set up so you walked through Santa’s Sleigh to his house. This is another thing that tells you that these guys really understand how to stage theatrical experiences. The detail, planning, and thought that was behind everything at this event was obvious to us. This is a Must Do.

Of course the hayride has been redone as a Christmas light ride. It was great! You can choose to take their hayride or your own car. I recommend their hayride because they play holiday music – it’s just such a great experience. You guys know by now that I am not a Christmas music fan, but the music they chose was not the annoying kind and it worked perfectly with what was going on.



DO THIS ONE! Better yet, make a big night of it (or a weekend) since this and Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival are 30 minutes away from each other. You have no reason not to make a long trip to this area to see these festivals.

A Frosty Fest is located at Headless Horseman Hayrides 778 Broadway Ulster Park, NY 12487 and runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until December 28th, 2014. Tickets are $12 for adults and $9 for Children under 12.


 (Re)Generation Who, A Gift for The Doctor Who Fan

With the holidays fast approaching we’d like to give you a last minute great gift idea for any super fan of Doctor Who in the Baltimore, MD area.


Obviously, right off, give them a registration to (Re)Generation Who, where they can meet a whole slew of great guests of their favorite show. If you want to add onto this, any of our VIP levels adds in extras like exclusive T-shirts, special artwork, or a special commemorative charm dedicated to our special Guest of Honor 4th Doctor Tom Baker.

Speaking of Tom Baker, one other great gift to get would be an exclusive autograph from Tom only available at our event this year. You can add this during their initial registration, or add it onto an existing registration, but you can only get this item if you’re registered for the event, and it’s only available for pre-sale until Feb 15, 2015 (and with limited numbers).

(Re)Generation Who is the Mid-Atlantic’s major Doctor Who convention, so you know any super fan will want to be there with all of their community–so why not win extra points with them by giving them what they want this Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays?



Finally a movement back to Doom Metal. Many of the early Doom Metal bands went pop. It’s good to see this come back with a more underground-type sound:

This kicks ass and – oh hey – it looks like they crowdfunded this.

But…I am kind of lost. I don’t see a way to buy it? I think it comes out in March?

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