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 Wharton, New Jersey Haunted Attractions: Haunted Scarehouse 2014 teaser video

Wow, a lot of Haunted Attraction teaser videos are coming out this week. It’s like they are all synched up – kind of like my ovaries. Uhh… LOL.


We checked out Haunted Scarehouse in Wharton, New Jersey last year. (North Jersey) Review is here. These guys have a large space with 2 floors. It’s truly massive! They were also super nice – I am really interested to see what they do with it this year!


 Saylorsburg, PA Haunted Attractions: Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares 2014 teaser video

Finally, someone puts something cool on the internet for this year.

My love of Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares in Saylorsburg, PA has been well documented in this post, and that post. There are many haunts that I feel are Must Dos that you can read about in my reviews. But out of the hundreds of haunts I have been through Hotel of Horror is 1 of only 2 (the other being The Haunted Schoolhouse and Lab in Akron, OH) that I consider important enough to be on my yearly Must Do Or I Fly Into a Rage list. I don’t care where you live – get your ass on the plane, the blimp, the jitney, the train, or the catbus WHATEVER. Just get your ass to this one.

Here is their 2014 teaser video. It really touches on exactly why I believe this is one of the best – the actors spend an entire year or years cultivating characters with depth. You feel like you are being chased around by actual characters rather than some stupid film extra with a chainsaw falling out of his butt. Boogity:


 Orlando, Florida Haunted Attractions: Haunted Mansion Merchandise Shop Opening This Fall in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort


WIN WIN WIN WIN!!! In addition to the 100+ new Haunted Mansion items coming to Disney Parks, we now have our own shop!

“Madame Leota and the 999 happy haunts from the Haunted Mansion attraction have also received your sympathetic vibrations. This fall, they are gathering to open a new merchandise destination in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park in Florida.

The new merchandise shop will be located in the current Yankee Trader shop, which will have its last day of operation on July 27, 2014. Inspired by Madame Leota, the new location will carry select items from the upcoming Haunted Mansion Authentic program including apparel, home goods, souvenirs, and more.”

A++++++++++ to Disney for this one! I AM SO THERE!!!

More details here.


 Orlando, Florida Haunted Attractions: Fall 2014 Disney Haunted Mansion merchandise (Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke bag is back plus more bags!)

Hopefully they finally got the hint that we want this kind of stuff all the time… Apparently there will be more than 100 items added to Disney’s Haunted Mansion merchandise in the parks. Normally they have like, 2 things. So this is good news!

The Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke that they made last year sold out in 15 minutes, leaving me and many others quite angry.

I am happy to say that the bag will be made again this Fall. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

There will also be 2 NEW Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags. One is a tote, which you can see below. They are now using a purple lining instead of red. I heard reports that the red looked not so great. It also stained people’s hands. This change is also good news.

There will be lots of jewelry, drinkware, dinnerware (plates, bowls, wine glasses, BAT ICE CUBE TRAYS!!!), figurines, bookends, cloth napkins, tablemats, and much more.


No release dates yet but last year they started coming out mid September.

More info here omg.


 Orlando, Florida Haunted Attractions: The Purge: Anarchy comes to Halloween Horror Nights for 2014

The Purge: Anarchy will be one of the street experiencea at Halloween Horror Nights 24 in Orlando, Florida.

I love the idea of themed scarezones that are treated like an actual haunted attraction! :D

“We’re actually going to be bringing a combination of both the first movie and the new movie to life in this scare zone, so you’ll be met face-to-face with the iconic masked characters from both films. You’ll find yourself in the middle of the turmoil and chaos of The Purge taking place.

Everyday citizens will be transformed into violent psychopaths, chainsaw wielding paramilitary men and an elegant women ready to auction off the unsuspecting during this period of government-sanctioned lawlessness. But be careful… for you might find yourself becoming the target of those looking to Purge.”

For more details click here.

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